Description: The aim of the course is the presentation of basic information on prokaryotic microorganisms (bacteria and archaea), as well as on viruses and on methods of their investigation. The course includes: the structure and cell cycles of prokaryotes; their diverse metabolism (with emphasis on unique metabolic features); the reasons for their wide spread and their effect on other organisms and the abiotic environment. Basics of prokaryotic genetics and taxonomy, examples of the industrial use of microorganisms are also discussed as are viruses and their replication strategies. In the laboratory, they also learn basic microbiological techniques.

Coordinators: Anna Grudniak, Magdalena Szuplewska

Group instructors: Łukasz Dziewit, Renata Godlewska, Anna Grudniak, Karolina Jaworska, Anna Łasica, Magdalena Szuplewska, Agnieszka Wyszyńska