Description: 1.Introduction (definition, from traditional industrial microbiology to microbial biotechnology). 2. Industrial microorganisms. Characteristics of primary and secondary metabolism. 3. Screening, isolation and selection of useful microorganisms. Genetic engineering for strain improvement. 4. Characteristics of large scale fermentation. Types of cultures, fermentation methods, fermentor design. 5. Major products of industrial microbiology. Antibiotics, their isolation and characterization. Biosynthetic pathways of natural and semisynthetic antibiotics. 6. Amino acids used in the medicine, food and chemical industry. The phenomenon of feedback inhibition and other regulatory mechanisms of metabolite overproduction. 7. Microbial processes applied for the biotechnology of food additives, pharmaceuticals compounds, and other useful products (bioetanol, xantan). 8. Microbial enzymes and their application in industry. 9. Biotransformation - the principles of the process

Coordinators: Adrianna Raczkowska

Group instructors: Jacek Bielecki, Katarzyna Brzostek, Karolina Jaworska, Adrianna Raczkowska, Radosław Stachowiak