Description: The lecture series embraces selected topics from the very broad domain of bacterial physiology. The main objective of the lecture is to draw attention to the prevalence of bacteria and the enormous diversity of this astounding group of organisms, which is reflected in vast metabolic potential, divergence and ability to occupy various seemingly "unlivable" niches. The enormous effect bacteria on the environment on both the micro and macro scales is discussed but also the effect on the environment on bacteria, including selective pressure and consequent mutability allowing adaptation to changing conditions.

Also discussed are issues related to the mechanism of action of antibiotics and the acquisition of resistance to them by bacteria, alternative methods for the treatment of bacterial infections and the potential role of membrane vesicles. At the laboratory classes, students learn research methods related to selected issues within the bacterial physiology.

Coordinators: Magdalena Popowska

Group instructors: Magdalena Popowska, Agata Krawczyk-Balska, Dorota Korsak, Magdalena Zalewska