Molecular and physiological response of foodborne pathogens to selected natural bioactive compounds and development of novel biodegradable polymers with antibacterial activity

Project partner: Dorota Korsak (Principal Investigator: Dusan Misic)

Natural bioactive compounds found in plant have played a crucial role in the domain of discovery and development of new drugs including antimicrobial drugs. 

In our research we want to reveal the molecular and physiological mechanisms of reactions of foodborne pathogenic bacteria exposed to selected natural bioactive molecules (NBMs) that can be used for food preservation in the future.

We are planning to (i) analyze the molecular and physiological mechanisms of actions of selected NBMs on foodborne pathogens, using combined microbiological and „omics“ approaches, (ii) identify and analyze the molecular and physiological basis of the influence of NBMs on biofilm formation and disruption, (iii) analyze the influence of NBMs on bacterial spores development and germination, (iv) identify the potential synergism of NBMs and their stability (activity) under altered physico-chemical conditions. Finally, we want to  develop novel biodegradable polymeric materials with antibacterial properties based on pure active NBMs and their combinations.

FUNDING SOURCES: Opus 18 grant, National Science Centre, Poland