Mechanisms controlling gene expression in Yersinia enterocolitica at the post-transcriptional level – role of small regulatory RNAs (OmrA, RyhB-1/RyhB-2)

Principal Investigator: Karolina Jaworska (Supervisor Adrianna Raczkowska)

In our research we will determine the participation of the sRNA OmrA, RyhB-1 and RyhB-2 in the post-transcriptional regulation of genes involved in the pathogenicity and adaptation to different environmental niches of enteropathogenic Y. enterocolitica. We will establish whether these sRNAs participate in post-transcriptional control of regulatory and structural genes involved in the virulence and adaptive abilities of Yenterocolitica and whether OmrA, RyhB-1 and RyhB-2 modulates physiological processes, i.e. motility, microcolony and biofilm formation, adhesion/invasion and colonization, and adaptation to stress conditions. Because of the multiphasic life cycle of Y. enterocolitica, which includes periods of residence in the external environment and the host, we expect that these sRNAs regulate cellular processes that permit colonization of these different habitats. We hope to provide new insights into the role of OmrA, RyhB-1 and RyhB-2 in the pathophysiology of Y. enterocolitica, as well as other virulent species  of genus Yersinia, namely Y. pestis and Y. pseudotuberculosis.

FUNDING SOURCES: Preludium 17 grant, National Science Centre, Poland